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About Us

Two Alpha Auctions, LLC, was founded in 2020 by attorneys Timothy Bennett and Kelly O’Connor when they acquired the auction company. Our goal is that the only difference our consignors and customers notice are improvements that make our auctions better!

Meet Our Team

Kelly O'Connor - A Lifetime of Auctions and Advocacy

From the lively farm auctions of Michigan’s thumb region to the forefront of the firearms auction industry, Kelly O’Connor’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of family legacy and personal passion. As a child, Kelly was introduced to the world of auctions by her father and grandfather, a farmer and occasional auctioneer who instilled in her the thrill of the hunt for hidden treasures, like unassuming boxes of household goods. This early exposure sparked a lifelong fascination with auctions and an appreciation for the stories and value behind each item.

One of Kelly’s most beloved treasurers, her grandfather’s double-barrel shotgun is far more than an old farm tool—it’s a symbol of family and the continuity of tradition, passing from one generation to the next. Although it may no longer fire, it still speaks volumes of a past cherished, a tradition carried forward, and the priceless legacy of family bonds.

Kelly is part of a local .22 pistol league; and doesn’t just carry the skills but also the spirit of her family’s heritage. Her league participation is more than recreation; it’s an homage to the family ethos of unity and a nod to the timeless traditions that are as enduring as that heirloom she treasures.

Transitioning from a successful career in probate law to co-founding a gun auction company alongside her law partner, Tim Bennett, in 2020, Kelly embraced a new challenge that combined her professional expertise with her personal interests. This venture into the gun auction business has not only been rewarding but has also been a continuous learning journey, navigating the complex web of state and federal regulations with diligence and commitment.

Kelly believes in the evolution of auctions and appreciates the technological advancements that have reshaped the industry. Yet, she holds onto the belief that her grandfather would be proud of how she has carried forward the family tradition, adapting it to modern times while preserving its core essence.

In every aspect of her career and personal interests, Kelly O’Connor stands as a testament to the power of blending one’s passions with their professional endeavors, ensuring a legacy that is both impactful and deeply personal.

Tim Bennett - A Passion for Firearms and Community

Tim Bennett’s journey into the world of firearms began with a legacy of service and a deep respect for military and law enforcement traditions. Following high school, Tim embraced the call to serve in the United States Marine Corps, an experience that not only took him to the Persian Gulf aboard the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt but also deepened his appreciation for military firearms, spanning the latest innovations to timeless collector pieces.

After honorably concluding his service, Tim transitioned into a rewarding career in law enforcement back home in Michigan, serving with distinction. Throughout his combined 15 years with the Coldwater and Battle Creek Police Departments, Tim’s dedication was recognized through numerous awards, highlighting his commitment to professionalism and community safety.

Tim’s academic pursuits in law enforcement, business management, and law from Kellogg Community College, The Robert B. Miller College, and The Thomas M. Cooley Law School, respectively, underscore his multifaceted expertise and commitment to lifelong learning. Currently, as a practicing attorney specializing in probate law, Tim continues to serve his community with the same integrity and dedication he’s always shown.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tim, alongside his wife Emily, finds joy in exploring new places and experiences. Their shared love for travel speaks to Tim’s belief in the importance of broadening one’s horizons and enjoying the simple things in life.

As the co-founder of a Two Alpha Auctions company, Tim brings a lifetime of experiences, values, and expertise to the forefront, ensuring a service rooted in respect, knowledge, and a shared passion for firearms with his clients.

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