How soon do you need possession of my firearm(s) before the auction?

Our auctions fill up months before the actual date of the auction, so the sooner you can get your firearm to us the more likely you are to reserve your spot in an upcoming auction.

How do I get my items to the auction site?

We request that Sellers transport their firearms to our office. If you have a large quantity of items or are limited in mobility, call our office and we will make arrangements to pick up your items.

How do market and advertise your auctions?

We aggressively market your firearms! We use state-wide and local publications, social media, and our extensive mailing list.

Do you have reserves on your firearms?

We do not allow reserves on firearms that we estimate to sell for less than $500. For other firearms, reserves are allowed but any firearm with a reserve that does not sell will be charged 15% of the highest bid or $50, whichever is greater.

Can you sell my suppressor and full automatic firearms?

Yes. Our FFL does allow us to have possession of and sell suppressors and full automatic firearms. These are complex items to possess and sell. Please contact our office for help with NFA regulated items.

If my firearm does not meet the reserve, how long do I have to pick it up?

You have 30 days to pick up any item(s) that do not sell. Any item that is not picked up within 30 days will be deemed abandoned and become the property of Two Alpha Auctions, LLC. If you would like to relist your item in the next auction, please call the office to make those arrangements. Please understand that prior to a firearm being returned to you, a NICS background check must be completed.

Are your auctions live or online?

Both. All of our auctions feature both live and online bidding.

I am not able to attend the live auction. How do I bid online?

We offer online bidding through www.proxibid.com. Please visit their website to sign up.

When can I look at the firearms that are in the auction?

We hold an inspection of all firearms on the Friday before each auction from 12:00-5:00pm.

What if I have questions about a specific firearm in your catalog?

We welcome your calls and questions about any firearm. Our gun experts will happily answer your questions.

Is there security at the auction?

Yes. A large number of our auction employees carry firearms both concealed and open. We also employ plain clothes police officers at each of our auctions.

How much is the “Buyer’s Premium?”

All buyers pay a 10% Buyer’s Premium for all items purchased.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes! All credit card payments are subject to a 4% convenience fee

Can I bid if I don’t live in the U.S?

Absolutely! We not only ship to nearly all 50 states, but ship to many foreign countries as well. Prior to bidding, please check with the appropriate governmental agency to ensure we can ship to your location.

If I have a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License (“CPL”), do I still have to pass a NICS background check?

Effective March 3, 2020, the ATF mandated that Michigan FFL’s may no longer accept a CPL as an alternative to a NICS background check.

Can I have firearms shipped directly to my house?

Unless it is an “antique,” firearms must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder in your state. Please call our office if you have shipping questions.

When will I receive my firearm?

Your firearm will ship the same day as we receive payment from you. Our office will call you to obtain payment information or you may mail us a check. Please know that we charge actual shipping for your items and we will contact you to let you know what those charges are.

How soon after the auction date will a consignor receive their payment check?

You will receive your proceeds check within fifteen (15) days from the date of the auction.

Have anymore questions? Give us a call.