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What to Know Before Selling Your Firearm in a Gun Auction

Selling a firearm at auction can be a lucrative option if done correctly. Whether you are a seasoned collector looking to thin your collection or interested in selling a single piece, understanding the auction process can help you achieve the best possible outcome. Gun auctions not only offer potentially higher selling prices but also expose your firearms to a wider audience of enthusiastic buyers.

Legal Considerations

When planning to sell a firearm, it’s crucial to start with the legalities. Both federal and Michigan laws require background checks for buyers and proper documentation of the sale, which must be handled by a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. However, state laws vary significantly; some states require additional permits or have specific restrictions on certain types of firearms. 

Two Alpha Auctions is an FFL dealer and owned by attorneys that understand gun laws and will ensure compliance with all applicable gun laws; however, you should always seek guidance from an attorney in your state. This due diligence protects you from legal repercussions and ensures a smooth transaction.

Choosing the Right Auction House

Our expertise is solely in gun auctions, both in-person and online. Our in-person auctions allow for direct interaction with potential buyers by showcasing your firearms. On the other hand, our online auctions extend your reach to a nationwide audience, maximizing exposure through digital listings and live simulcast auctions. While online auctions typically involve additional fees and logistical considerations for secure shipping, our specialized focus ensures that these aspects are handled professionally. 

When choosing to sell your firearms, consider the specific advantages that a dedicated gun auction house offers: a deep understanding of the firearms market, tailored customer service, and a reputation built on successful, secure transactions.

Preparing Your Firearm for Sale

The condition of your firearm significantly impacts its market value. Before listing it for auction, take the time to clean your firearm. If you’re not skilled in firearm maintenance, consider professional servicing. Additionally, obtaining a professional appraisal or official certification can increase buyer confidence and potentially raise the final selling price. Be sure to include all related accessories, such as original boxes, scopes, extra magazines, and accessories as these can enhance the attractiveness of your firearm.

Understanding the Market and Setting a Price

Before setting a price, research the current market for firearms similar to yours. This research can involve browsing completed sales on auction sites, consulting price guides, or speaking with industry experts. If your firearm is particularly rare or sought after, it may fetch a higher price. Stay informed about market trends, as factors like legislative changes or shifts in collector interest can affect prices.

Two Alpha Auctions provides free pre-auction evaluations of all firearms, give us a call today to to learn more. 

Preparing for Auction Day

Specializing in gun auctions allows us the ability to handle the entire process from transport, photography, auction set-up, payment, and delivery (whether in-person or shipping to an FFL).

Transporting Your Collection

We can arrange to pick-up your collection or you can set-up an appointment to drop them off at our office in Marshall, Michigan. 


We take great care in professionally photographing your firearms. For most firearms, upwards of a dozen photographs are taken so prospective bidders can see the firearm from all angles and clearly see all markings and details.  . 


We want to sell your guns at the highest price possible. Our team utilizes both online and traditional print  media marketing methods to advertise our auctions. To be included in our robust and growing mailing list of gun enthusiasts, join here.

Auction Set-up

Our team does all the heavy lifting, setting-up, and displaying of your firearms at our in-person auctions. Most of our auctions are conducted  in-person and live simulcast online, which maximizes your exposure to a nationwide audience of prospective buyers.

Paperwork, Payment, & Delivery

We take care of all the legal requirements, ensuring all the proper paperwork and background checks are performed. At the conclusion of the auction, we take care of securing all payments and ensuring successful delivery of all firearms. 

Checks are sent to our  consigners no later than 15 days following anauction!


Selling a firearm at public auction involves more than just showing up on auction day. It requires careful preparation from legal compliance, professionally describing and photographing each firearm, market research, to post-sale logistics. Here at Two Alpha Auctions, we take the entire process very seriously to ensure not only a profitable sale and a responsible transfer of ownership but a smooth overall process resulting in satisfied buyers and consignors.

With the right preparation and teaming up with gun auction experts like Two Alpha Auctions, auctioning your firearm can be a smooth and rewarding process. Remember to stay informed, follow the law, and treat every step with the importance it deserves. Your diligence will pay off when you see the successful sale of your firearms atauction.


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